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Top 5 On Page SEO techniques to boost your website rankings.

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Before I brief you the essential 5 On Page SEO techniques that you can use to boost your search engine rankings for your website it’s important to quickly understand what On Page SEO is all about.

On- Page as the term suggest has everything to do with the website page and to put it in the simplest form is the practice of optimizing individual web pages with the intention to rank higher and acquire most relevant traffic in search engines.

When we talk about On Page it involves both the content of the web page as well as the source code of every single page that can be optimized. There are 5 basic and most essential On page SEO techniques which can be implemented on your web pages which I am going to detail right now.

  1. Content on the web pages: Content forms the only integral part of any website or pages as it’s precisely what makes the internet.
    1. Original Content: One of the most important things to remember while doing On Page SEO is your primary focus has to be to have original content on your web pages.
    2. Duplication: Avoid republishing any content even if you have published your own content on some other websites. The search engines will still regard it as duplication.
    3. Content research: The web is a worldwide entity and choices are endless for the internet audience. Always try to create content after doing a thorough research of the topic and then publish the same as it increases content credibility.
    4. Text: Sometimes you may have a blog with more of graphical content but its always better to support it with text as well.
  2. Page Titles, Description, and the Format: These three elements which can be included and altered on a web page form the core of On Page optimization.
    1. Page Titles has to be unique and it’s important that you do not repeat the title across other web pages in your website.
    2. The description is the text which describes what the web page is about and this is what get displayed in the search engine results. Have descriptions which are unique to that page and preferably below 150 characters in length to avoid truncation in the SERP’s.
    3. Every web page has to be formatted and presented in a simple and orderly manner. Tage like <H1> and <H2> are heading tags that can be used to achieve just that. Have headings in bold and underlined as this becomes easily identifying to search engines and gives an ease of understanding to your visitors.
    4. Images are yet another integral part of any web page. It’s essential that you use appropriate Alt tags for your images with logical descriptive filenames. Filenames like image1.jpeg should be completely avoided.
  3. URL Structures: Your web pages naming conventions are a big element which contribute to your On-Page SEO strategies and which help in rankings.
    1. Have web pages names which are lesser than 255 characters and always have words in the text separated by a (-) hyphen as its a good method for naming your web pages.
    2. Try to categorize your web pages as it creates a group for similar web pages contents thereby giving the user an ease of search through the contents.
    3. Preferable to use Breadcrumbs which will help visitors in navigating the site in a structured manner.
    4. Always create a sitemap for your website and submit it in search engine webmasters for quicker crawling and indexings.
  4. Internal Links: Having internal links to pages on your website is a great idea as search engines constantly are on a look out for link structures. Having internal links gets your website pages to index faster by search engines.
    1. Have lesser keywords to be linked to internal pages.
    2. The internal links should be created in a manner which is useful to the readers which means do not have internal links just for the sake of having it.
    3. I would recommend having not more than 15 links on a page with internal links.
    4. Avoid giving internal links on the header and footer of the pages as the best area for having them is the body of the page.
  5. Speed & Mobile version: The load speeds of your website has become of utmost importance as Google has started to take into consideration the speed factor to rank websites. That’s, not all your website has to be mobile friendly which means it has to look adaptable and readable across all devices either a desktop, laptop or any mobile devices. Having a mobile version will also affect the rankings of your website.
    1. Nearly 60% of searches today are generated from mobile devices hence its a must have that your website mobile is optimized.
    2. As a lot of searches happen via handheld devices websites need to be optimzed to load faster too.
    3. Accelerated Mobile Pages should be considered as its the new way of building superfast and speedy mobile friendly web pages.

Having done with all the important aspects of getting your website On Page optimized the most important of all is that you need to have content which is useful to the readers. People search the internet to get information and they would like to expect and gain something more than what the already know. Information should always be presented in a very simple readable and straightforward manner so that visitors can easily grasp the content and understand it. Always remember that the Internet is a world in itself and every moment it’s been flooded with newly generated pieces of information.


  1. Nice tips, content development or writing is a herculean task for itself. the most part is how we are going to reach our targeted readers or visitors. For that social promotion and community-based promotion is crucial. Fortunately, with WordPress, we can set up social snippets as well as serp with snippets with the help of major plugins like yoast and all in one seo. Hope you will write a tutorial on the same in upcoming posts. It will help a lot of bloggers that visit your website.

    • teckathonadmin


      Great to know that you liked the content. I will surely be working on your suggestion and should be writing on the same with very intuitive methods for applying the same on websites.


  2. Perfectly driven and very intuitive writing with simplicity. Will be implementing all these in a very step by step procedure as outlined by you.

  3. You have done a great job, nice article . Thanks for sharing

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