An Email address is an essential part of any business communication and it’s imperative to say that it has become a prerequisite in carrying out any trade. It can be easily said that more than 75% of customers feel that having a professional Email address is the key to building a long-standing trust for any small or medium sized business house.

It’s also necessary that you create an Email address by following some of the essential points in creating one. Your Email address becomes the professional channel for all your business communications with your prospects and customers. I would like to brief you some of the most key ingredients in creating a good professional business Email address in order to be on the right track with your customers.

Key Point #1: Have your Domain Name:

If you are a business of any size one of the most important online assets for your organization is a domain name most preferably as your business name. This essentially becomes your business identity and existence in the virtual world. Register a domain name which is exactly that of your business or organization name as this eventually becomes your brand online.

It surely doesn’t look good to communicate with a generic email id as rather than having a more professional looking one as If it was some years ago having such an email address with your company name would be preferred more to look more professional and the financial capability of your company to buy your own domain name and to have a website.

But as the prices for domain names and web hosting have considerably reduced it’s a cake walk for any business or for that matter anyone to own their own domain and website. Today you can see having a business domain name and website more of your customer’s expectation and with cheaper providers, it hardly takes a few minutes to have one created and activated.

I would consider having a business domain name as looking more unprofessional and also creates a sense of accountability and trust in the minds of your customers particularly so when we are bombarded with so much of hoax and spam Emails.

Key Point #2: Numeric’s and nicknames are definitely a big ‘No’:

Along with the domain, the next thing which is of utmost importance is the email address or the username. This forms the key component of your email address. There are certain common scenarios which you might want to follow while creating an email address for yourself most importantly when it’s a professional email address.

A quick example would be to access which one looks more professional amongst these two usernames? or and definitely the later one seem more professional as your email address. Let’s check out some of the more common key points to remember and the most commonly followed once while creating an email address.

  • The first name only: – This is by far the simplest and professional email address and is been usually followed by many. This not only creates a personal connection with your clients or customers but also would be the easiest way to remember. The only downside would be if you have more than one employees or people with the same name in your organization.
  • Initials in Emails: or – This is a perfect solution in a scenario where you have two people with the same first name. Either you can opt for having the Name of the user and the last name as initial which is normally followed or having the first name as initial and the last name attached to the Email address.
  • Full Name: – This is the post popular way of creating an email address especially for executives and professionals. This helps make your address more memorable and it also tries to portray your name as a brand for your company.

Key Point #3: Numeric’s and nicknames are definitely a big ‘No’:

At the very beginning, it’s not with your personal email address that you correspond with your customers or clients but the generic email address which is displayed on your company website. Arguably it is not seen as a professional approach to displaying your personal email address on your contact page or even as a call to action on your website. Having generic names as or on your website it gives a professional impression for your visitors and brings a feeling that the company is well organized.

You can opt for an email forwarder which forwards the emails coming to such generic email address to your email id and later on start communicating with your customers via that. But when it comes to displaying on your website for your customers or visitors to contact your company it’s advisable to use generic email addresses.


There was a time when having a professional email address with your company domain name and website was a means to show your clients that your company affords one. Moreover, it was seen as a means to convey the message to your visitors about the authenticity and credibility of your company. Today it’s a totally different ball game as with so many providers offering domains and hosting for much cheaper rates any small business can afford to have a domain name and create an awesome website. Hence today the more important reason of having an email address with your own domain is to prove you’re genuinely not a scam company or a spam mail.