LinkedIn is by far a very comprehensive social media platform specifically catering to a large corporate audience. Over the months LinkedIn has been working round the clock to bring in more new features and tools on the platform to help businesses make the best from it.

Some of the tools which have recently been updated on the platform are the associated page hashtags, improved video metrics and many more. One such very valuable feature which LinkedIn has added to its kitty is the custom call to action (CTA) buttons on the company pages of LinkedIn.

The new call to action option will help brands to drive more desired and valuable action on the company pages from visitors that can be converted into customers.

It has always been the need of the hour for many users to have the ability to customize the way they engage with their page followers and visitors. This requirement has provoked LinkedIn to come up with a more useful tool which goes beyond just having a “Follow” button to a more interactive CTA button on the company page.

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The CTA comes with five new options which possible can make it easy for the users to convert their company page visitors into potential leads and increase conversions. Also to help monitor and identify the action taken and analyze the same the new dashboard will give a deeper insight into how many visitors are clicking through. Those five new CTA options are:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Visit website

This is the newest way for businesses to help drive direct traffic and get more responses from the company page visitors. This is also going to be a very helpful tool that provides the capacity to guide LinkedIn company page visitors to a more clear and specific outcome rather than just to direct them to the business website.

Summary :
LinkedIn is always a key platform for many social media marketing agencies as it is growing to be the best source for referral traffic. More and more marketers are focussing on this platform to create specific content for their growing user base.