One of my good friends who an ardent blogger himself recommended me an awesome Keyword Analyzer and instantly I got my hands dirty with it. I just loved the tool “KWFinder” which is a keyword research tool specializing in Long Tail Keywords with Low competitions and I should say I was thoroughly impressed. The best part of it all was that I was able to start off right away with it as the interface is so simple to pick. So I thought of giving my detailed KWfinder review on my blog.

Let’s have a look how to use this tool for your daily Keyword Analysis and research. First of all, you just need to enter a Keyword related to your niche or pertaining to the website. KWFinder will within a few seconds list out all the possible longtail Keywords which seem to be relevant to your website, blog or Niche. There is a very good and commendable feature which is SEO difficulty score which enables us to understand whether it’s hard or easy to rank for that particular keyword and all you have to do is check the SEO column button adjacent to the respective keyword. Once KWFinder lists out all the possible variations of keywords you can sort it according to Global Search Volume, CPC, PPC and SEO Scores.

Keyword Suggestions : A list of Longtail Keyword Suggestions with variations in the keyword are displayed for the lookup keyword.

Trends : A graph along the side of the SEO difficult score is shown to give you an idea of the monthly search trend of the keyword. This will give the user an idea of how the keyword is performing in Search Results.

Search Volumes in Numbers : Average search volume is numbers are given which seems quite accurate as of today. This is the best feature as I can get an accurate idea of how to strategise and use my keywords on my blog.

CPC : Cost per Click rates for each keyword variations as it shows highly relevant results for a niche coupled with highly accurate SEO difficulty analysis. You can generate high CPC long tail keywords with LOW SEO competition.

SEO Difficulty Score : Keyword SEO difficulty which is based on SEO stats (DA, PA, MR, MT) of the pages on the first Google SERP. Min = 0; Max = 100;

SEO Difficulty Graph and Monthly Search : A nice colorful difficulty graph giving you a hint and advice if it’s really worthy to carry on and strategize your content pick a particular keyword.

Top Ranking Sites : Yet another feature is that it gives you a list of top 10 sites which are listed on the first page of Google for the selected keyword. You can directly go to the website by clicking on the link from here.

KWFinder Prices

Free Version : I started off with a free version to check out the tool and it gives the user the facility to check on 3 keywords for a time span of 24 hours all for low priority requests.

  • 3 KW lookups per 24 hours
  • 3 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 25 Related keywords per search

Paid Version : The prices for paid version with 3 versions.

My Verdict : The best tool for Long Tail Keyword research and it’s an excellent choice right now in the market. Extra simple user interface and very effective research and analysis. I would recommend you to purchase this awesome tool and go ahead and create a free account on KWFinder – Click Here