Hi friends, I know I am a bit late in posting on this wide area of existence called Linux but it is just now that I have seriously been experimenting and getting my hands really dirty with Linux. In this section of my blog called ‘Linux diaries’ I would like to create a sought of online journal of my journey through the world of Linux and it is going to have more focus on the Linux distro called ‘Kali Linux‘ which has become the de facto for ‘Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing’. You can’t call me a beginner of Linux as was always into following the same but yes I should confess of working more on the Windows platforms as have always implemented more of Windows environments in most of the organizations I have worked in.

As for Linux diaries, I do maintain a unique collection of notes as I try out new and informative tools and techniques in Linux. Hence this is just an effort to share my findings and understanding for the better benefit of many Linux enthusiasts who are eager to learn Linux in the simplest and easiest way possible. Also, do note I would take the efforts of explaining the simplest of things in Linux as I want it to cater to the beginners and slowly leverage my articles to the high-end users as well.

Well now that I have briefed my intentions of having this section in my blog let’s dive into my desktop and check out the environment I have setup for our coming sessions.


I use a Lenovo E440 Thinkpad as of now with Windows 10 installed as my primary operating system. Well at first I thought of dual booting the Linux distros along with my Windows installations but then, later on, had a change of mind and went in to install VMware Workstation Pro 12. The basic idea is to install the other operating system on the virtual platform still staying in the windows environment. I will be concentrating on the desktop version of Ubuntu Linux and in parallel more on the Kali Linux distro both of which are based on the Debian Linux distribution.

vmware linux
With smooth installations and Virtual Machine shortcuts on my desktop as Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and Kali Linux, we are all set to go with our daily routines of Linux. The coming posts will be on particular topics and will involve explanations along with snapshots and will try to also include videos.