It is needless to say that today the Internet has emerged to be a platform which gives endless choices for the users. There are thousands of new domains added every hour with unique products or services or else replication of the businesses which exists. Hence it’s critical to understand the necessity of having a unique online value proposition for your website. Online value proposition (OVP) is your customer value proposition or rather your USP online.

  • Communicate your OVP: Online Value Proposition has to be communicated to your customer’s in a very clear and distinct manner so as to convey what services you are offering and the value it will render to your customer. The website is a window to talk to your customers about your products and services, and it’s of vital importance that the client can perceive the intended utility of the service or products proposed to him. Your value proposition should start right from the home page of the website and should be properly worded clearly revealing relevant facts. It’s not only the homepage your online value proposition should be available across the site.
  • Leverage proposition in traffic building: Try to create maximum leverage in traffic building. The proposition should be combined with your URL or the website address and be made available in all your advertising material, signatures, and all marketing activities.
  • Include in all Interactions: You need to include and deliver on your proposition via every single interaction with your customers let it be online or offline.

Online value proposition starts from your website as this is the start of your first interaction with your customer. There are three distinct areas which can be used to convey your OVP.

  • Meta Tags: Your communication with your prospect starts from the Site link, and the Page Description as this is what first appears when your customers search on Google. Hence your Description, Site links, and Site Title need to speak and convey concisely but effectively your online value proposition right away. You need to spend some time to do a thorough keyword research keeping in mind your OVP and create a good site link as well as write a Meta description for your website.
  • Home Page: It is a big misconception that you keep the about us page of your website as a space to elaborate and speak about your OVP. The homepage is the best place to start communicating your OVP to the customer. Use your central panel about the fold and the right sidebar as the best places to convey your OVP clearly as this instantly allows the visitor to get convinced that he or she has visited the right website which can satisfy their search requirement. Many a times users do not care to browse further into the inner pages if they don’t see any value in what they are looking for on the homepage.
  • Product/Service Page: The inner pages can be quite descriptive on what utility and the operational features of the product or services offered which is a much detailed version of the OVP. But for a visitor to reach this page is a sign that he or she has developed an interest in your website and your home page as worked well compelling your prospect to stay on the website. It’s a positive signal that your customer wants to research and analyze various aspects of what value you have projected to ultimately make a decision.

In addition to the above, it’s also very important that you regularly update your website with up to date information. Have a very clear and easy navigation system which gives an easy flow for your visitors. Hard work is always rewarded and if you can focus and create a good OVP on your site then it helps in distinguishing your site and business over your competitors.