On-page optimization starts with the term meta description and this is a very key element for any SEO expert.

Though it is many times challenged that Meta Description doesnt play a major role in Google Keyword rankings I am quite skeptical of that thought.

Meta description has always been a vital element when it comes to optimizing your website and will always be though Google still maintains that it does not help in rankings.

There are a lot of things that a Meta description contributes to your website and one among them which I feel is most important is the perception it creates about a page on your website.

The meta description can be considered as a preview of what the page or your website is all about to the visitor and also if done in a well-mannered way will increase the quality of the result as well. It can also be a very huge deterrent in your Click-Through-Rate(CTR) performances.

According to the latest information and fact check, it is understood that if you write a meta description for your pages it most certainly will result in higher CTR and such pages get 5.8% more clicks that those pages which are without a meta description.

Let us quickly dive into understanding some of the awesome ways by which you can create a meta description that can guarantee you ranking conversions. As has always been one of the factors that contribute to the implementation of a good SEO. As part of the digitla marketing trend we had also discussed in detail on the 5 social media trends that will matter most in the year 2019, let it be a prelude to the upcoming blog post where we will go in detail on what will matter most in the year 2020.


To explain in the simplest form a meta description is an element in the HTML code which is a part of a web page that provides in summary of the content that page pertains to or talks about.

A meta description cannot be viewed by a visitor but search engines like Google widely use it to display the web pages in the search results.

A short description of the page creates an awareness for your website that helps visitors to read it. This also helps you to advertise your web page for specific searches thereby garnering more traffic to your website.


Earlier the search engine algorithms were very lenient in evaluating the quality of websites and their content. Everything was keyword-oriented and hence the more you stuff your keyword in webpage and meta tags the greater your chances of ranking higher.

Gone are those days as with every Google algorithm update search engines are more oriented towards providing valuable and trustworthy information on the web.

From the year 2009, there are certain protocols to be follower while using keywords in a website that turn out to be the ranking factors for your website. Hence optimizing your meta description has become a very important task in SEO and online marketing as it is proven to have a very significant impact on your CTR as well as rankings.

With a proper and well-researched keyword placed description your web page can experience increased click-through rates even if your web pages have low rankings.


To give you a quick guide that will help you in achieving good rankings and CTR’s I have summarized some key aspects that has to be considered while optimizing your meta description for SEO as well as Internet Marketing:

  • Always try to provide a very concise and easy to understand description of your page content.
  • Do a good keyword research that best represents your webpage and try to include the keywords in the most meaningful manner rather than just stuffing in.
  • There should always be a call to action tone to your description that will urge the visitor to visit your page.
  • Where every necessary a good rule of thumb is to use special characters that will make your summary distinct.
  • If you have more than one web page in your website then do not have repitive meta description . Each page will have different content type and hence should also have different description text.
  • Always keep the lenght of your meta description to 160 characters as anything beyond that will not be shown by the search engines.

Meta description is one of the many integral aspects of SEO and On Page optimizatio and has to be of proper lenght in addition to the content and the text it is trying to communicate. It makes the users curious to know more about the page and hence motivates the user to click on the results of search engines.