Many of you might be wondering how to include how to be a part of Amazon affiliate marketing and transform your blog or website into a simple platform to review and promote products. Well, it’s quite a simple answer to it as all the tools are already been provided by Amazon on their website. It’s important that the fundamentals of affiliate marketing are to make a sale by directing your blog reader or website visitor to the product page of Amazon thereby making them to purchased the product of interest.

There are various options to include an affiliate link to your posts or the page on which you are reviewing your product. First of all, you need to login to your affiliate account at After entering your credentials and getting into the Amazon Associates profile page the best way is to go to the product link tab where you can search for a product of which you intend to promote or market. Enter the keyword or search term of the product and a listing of various entries of the product will be shown to you. Alternatively, you can narrow down your search my selecting the Category of the product you need to search. The list of the products on Amazon will have a Get Link tab adjacent to it from which you need to select the method of posting the product. You can generate your link in the following formats to include the same in your website or blog.

  1. Text and Image : This generates an adv banner which has the image of the product as well as the description of the product included along with the image. You can customize your ad banner with the options as for the size and color of the display banner.
  2. Text Only : The text only is a descriptive link to the product and links it directly to the product page of Amazon.
  3. Image Only : Only the image of the product is displayed which is directly linked to the detail page of the products.
  4. Add to Widget : You can either update an existing widget or create a new one with the product. All customization can be done and a preview can be generated before you click Save and Get Code to get the widget code.

All of the above methods will generate an HTML code which has to be copied and pasted onto the desired location of the website or blog and there you go your affiliate link is up and linked.