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Hello Readers,

It has has been a very fruitful journey for me as an IT professional working in various company backgrounds. Information Technology today built such amazing platforms on the internet that it’s a blessing for many of us to be able to share our accumulated knowledge for the benefits of millions of knowledge seekers all across the globe.

Teckathon.com is just another venture of mine which in a way is a subsidiary of my entrepreneurial venture Aspensoft Technologies, a Web designing and Digital Marketing Agency in India. I am also a freelance IT consultant for a few organizations and always in constant search and learning about newer technologies and implementations. This blog is an effort to write articles on technological topics mainly pertaining to web technologies such as ‘The Cloud’, ‘Digital Marketing’,  ‘Search Engine Optimization’,  ‘Social Media Marketing’ and also reviews on special products and softwares.

Hope our articles will be enjoyed and be a knowledge enhancer for many of our readers as we are looking forward to addon more writers in the coming future.

Arjun Nair
Writer & Editor


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