The power of typography in being a valuable contributor to the visual appeal and persuasive power of a web site is very often underestimated. This is something we always tend to overlook but typography plays a vital and essential role in the Typographypresentation process of a website. Every logo which we come across is specifically designed with a font and which tries to convey the essence of the brand. Typography can seriously change the entire look and feel of the presentation and hence in this growing online digital world it becomes imperative that we understand the importance of it. Here we tried to create a checklist for excellence in web typography that will help in creating a better and impactful presentation.

  1. If you are writing the text for your web page or your blog its always to be noted not to use underline in your body text as readers might mistake it to be a hyperlink.
  2. Though italics can add to the variety of presenting content on the web extensive use of italics can make it difficult for readers to read on screen.
  3. Always have a standardization for capitalization of headlines and link text. Having the first letter in caps for all words as “Amazing Digital Marketing Services” are ugly unless it needs to be selectively used for attention-grabbing.
  4. The best for SEO purpose is to have headlines which are longer than three or four words. Hence it is better to ensure that the font size is not too large in order to support this and it would be better than your design allows word wrapping or at least provide provisions for subheadings.
  5. Ensure that your design renders well as the type is enlarged as many browser users will increase their types sizes.
  6. Always use a small difference between heading point sizes as it has a very distinctive effect on the overall visual presentation of the site contents.
  7. Avoid pages where the text contents tend to stretch across the full width of the browser. It would be a better way to split the contents into columns that will increase the readability.
  8. Use of standards fonts in the stylesheet is the best way as it allows a designer to specify the font order in which the web browser should try and render the size. Use of CSS allows for the quick and easy implementation of site-wide changes.

Some of these key elements can well be implemented easily across your web platforms that will not only enhance the presentation but also will give your readers a more pleasing and satisfying experience. It has to be an experienced web design and development agency who keep track of the latest trends and implements the best of typography strategies to your website.