Digital marketing is becoming more and more challenging and also one of the best methods for businesses today to reach a very large audience. Social media platforms are today a virtual world with a galore of people constantly live and that can be reached at any time of the hour.

As every year passes there are some major as well as minor changes either in the form of algorithms or the way you need to approach your targets. Yet there are a few areas which remain unchanged as it has proven to be the best opportunity for marketing your products and services.

I have tried to put together 8 important proven and best ways can be utilized well as part of your social media marketing activities.


Thanks to the advent of superior data compression technologies that have helped in the evolvement of live streaming on online platforms. It was in the year 2000 that saw the possibilities of making video contents available online as well as broadcasting live videos to a larger audience.

Finally, the evolution saw the release of a totally new era of video watching in the form of the YouTube platform which was in the year 2005. As of today according to the latest statistics around 1.1 billion hours of video is been streamed and watched online on a daily basis.

Hence it goes without saying that video format content will still rule the show as it will still see an increase in video consumption online. Real-time broadcasting over social media platforms and other online platforms will hit a new high.

There are majorly four online medium platforms via which you can push your video content online based on audience reach and the type of audience you wish to cater to.

  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • YouTube Live &
  • Periscope.


Till some years back if one would tell me that chatting with customers would be the most effective thing to do in order to maintain customer relations then I would wholeheartedly disagree. But that’s not the scene today anymore and technology has been rapidly changing by leaps and bounds.

Leave alone chatting with your customers but there has been a step forward to that too, being now there are chatbots who are being equipped to take the task of speaking to your customers.

Yes, the idea of using a chatbot can create a sense of uncertainty yet for many business owners but it would be worthwhile to learn that chatbots can actually improve marketing and reduce marketing costs thereby improving your ROI’s.

Interesting to mention that the global chatbot markets are set to grow between the year 2006 and 2023 and it is predicted that 85% of business interactions with customers will be without humans by the year 2020.

This makes chatbots as the number one growth marketing channel in the coming 5 to 10 years that many businesses have already strategically planned to tap into.

Choosing chatbots and FB messenger as a marketing channel is a great idea as today 56% of customers or users prefer messaging for their problems and queries to be answered rather than talk to the customer service executive.


As a customer or consumer are you positively influenced to buy a product or service merely when you are shown an advertisement. I guess not so much today as consumers are large are more than aware that such advertisements or marketing are just false claims.

Rather than the above if a friend or a person whom you really are acquainted talks about a product and its quality I am pretty sure we might be more drawn towards accepting it.

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Recommendations for products and services from family and friends will be trusted more and will fetch more credibility than any persuasions via advertisements. According to the latest report, almost 79% of users rely on review from online platforms and users who post their experiences online after purchase.

This is a great opportunity for marketers and advertisers as they can gain unique advantages when genuine people talk about their products and services giving a huge mileage.

An influencer can be any person, group, brand or place that have a large audience following and have the ability to persuade people to at least try the products or services. Bloggers have started to become a very big and important influence, particularly in the tourism, food and hospitality industry.


Voice search is going to have a massive impact on Digital Marketing even before 2020 because of its rapid increase in use.  Hence it is imperative for a digital marketer to suggest voices search as a must have for a business.

The emerging use of voices searches to fuel the use of Artificial Intelligence in making it more interactive has made it the best tool to incorporate on many platforms. Interesting to note that more than 55% of consumers use voice search to find local business and explore local areas.


There is nothing more than a review from your customers about your products or services and it carries of highest value that will help promote your brand.

One of the best ways to market on social media is to covert your reviews as the next opportunity as your prospects will research your brand reading and relying on the words and experiences of others to help them make decisions. Be sure to respond to reviews consumers have left on your social media page.

Reviews are the most valuable marketing tool that will help garner feedback and a great way to engage with your fans. It can also be a greater customer service tool to address issues that your customers may have to fix and one of the easiest way to show your consumers that you care about them.


It is not an unknown fact that the largest social media networking site is Facebook with the largest audience crossing way over 2.07 billion. This makes it more than one-third of the population of the world.

It is also worthy to note that a majority lot are watching videos which takes the stats to around 100 million hours of video that is watched every day on Facebook. As the video consumption by online visitors is at a constant rise with many platforms making it easier to upload videos like Youtube, Facebook has a unique advantage of offering the visitors with instant videos and live broadcastings.

Another biggest advantage being the increasing use of mobile devices with cost-effective data plans along with good network coverages it has made video viewing much more available than ever before.


What can be more important if you have a platform that gives you the ability to attend to key queries pertaining to your area of business?

There are various online portals that make it possible to interact with your customers or prospects but there is an entirely different possibility that Quora offers that makes it different from the rest.

It is the ability to interact directly with your customers wherein you are able to listen to the user’s issues and queries and direct answer to them to solve it.

This not only increases your brand visibility but also will showcase your capability as a resource provider to help your customers thereby generating a sense of resource richness that enabled customers to bank on your business.


According to recent research and study which evaluated customer trust brand factor a very prominent fact that stood out is that almost 42% of people distrust brands mainly because they consider them to be a part of an establishment.

This means that there is a lack of one to one interaction with your consumers and that affects your brand image in a big way.  Necessarily it means that you need to work a completely different strategy to win peoples trust.

You need to make your brand more human and more approachable, relatable and reachable. The gap between the company and the consumers needs to seize to exists and consumers have to be the best advocates of your brand or product.

Social media is the best platform that can be used to reduce that gap and built a bridge for your brand to interact with your consumers to take feedbacks as well as reviews in order to make your brand a better one. It also proves to your audience that you care about them and you are listening.

SUMMARY: Traditional marketing has taken a back seat or after a few years would even not exist because of the advantages social media marketing gives business across all laterals. It is the ability of social media platforms to reach a large and infinite number of prospects and customers that have made it the best choice for companies to market their products and services irrespective of whether it is a big company or a small and medium size enterprise.