We have already reached the middle of 2019 and many must have already implemented the best of social media strategies for the year.

Though many of the strategies must have started giving you the much-needed fruits and economic returns it is always a good trend to re-access just to keep a check on your implementations.

Social media is a continually evolving form and changes can happen even from month to month. Furthermore, people’s behavior is changing per se with the changes in the technologies and the capabilities on social media platforms.

I would like to pick 5 most important trends that need to be checked on whether you have got the juice of it and if not try to implement the same with urgency.


If you are a digital marketer and diligently update social media profiles of your client but are still less of responses then it’s time to sit and think on the kind of content you post.

Maybe its because your content lacks the personal touch. 

Try to do authentic storytelling and create a transparency between the user and the brand. You need to tell stories that matter to the users rather than posting static content that doesn’t garner any reaction.


If you are a regular digital marketer then this is nothing new as you might already be creating them. 

But if you are a novice then I should say Oh boy!!! video is something you seriously need to strategies for. Have a video strategy for the year and don’t worry as it is very much going to be a driving force in the coming years as well.

Live video, vertical video, videos for mobile consumption let it be of any type get your cam on and start shooting producing some very valuable content for your audience.

Hey, now are you pondering on the content, well best shot try to take those textual content that might have worked best for you.

Create a 10 mint video on such contents as let me tell you with the growing mobile data consumption viewers are craving for more visuals.


The year 2019 seems to be the year of chat and bots. We had a similar time when companies and brands used to invest time and effort in blasting emails to a large audience base.

Well nothings changed trust me except that now its via messenger. Facebook messenger is the new email marketing tool and it goes the same with Linkedin as well. Best advice based on many digital marketers is to build a Facebook Messenger chatbot and try to grow your contact base by strategically delivering valuable content via Messenger.


What’s the use of social media if you are the least interested in connecting with people and socializing with them.

Dude, if you are going to stay confined to your limitations with absolutely no interactions then I suggest you better get off the hook.

It’s all about going out there and connecting with people who are there in the virtual world as that makes much more sense to increase your content reach.

After all with social media what you intend is to get maximum people to view your material and not just that to interact with it.

If you do not have responses then trust me your content is just dead. Social media is not a broadcast medium and you don’t need to just use it as a traffic generation tool for brand awareness.

Talk to your audience directly and establish a one to one channel for communications.


There is no going back in saying that digital influencer dominate this year and the trend is gaining sustenance.

I remember my friend saying once that he is going to make a living out of eating. 

Well, I had a hearty laugh at that time but believe me, he is a much sort after influencer today.

Why so because the word of influencers matter to brands as they carry the power of driving customers to buy your product. It is not necessary that you need to follow or cater to industry biggy influencers to do the job.

Look for nano influencers who have a good number of followers as they will have a better and direct interaction with local customers.

Today brands and business seek proven influencers as well as agencies to seek benefits in getting their brand visible. Engaging with such influencers will be the key.

I would highly recommend getting social more with non-competitive influencers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who have the power get audiences engaged with their content.


It’s a great time for digital marketers as there are so many platforms emerging to help you get that desired brand awareness and traffic for your client’s brands, products, and services. So what are you waiting for check your strategies soon and Go Social!!!!!! Get Social.