Almost everyone has a social media presence and so are many companies and businesses in the corporate world.  There is a huge traffic generated on social media platforms via endless posts of information from individuals as well as businesses who are keen to get their information amplified on the social media platforms. The success of any social media campaign is when you have succeeded in reaching your information to the largest of audiences on these platforms. But having said that one can’t just write posts on anything and everything just with the assumptions that whatever is posted will be read, appreciated and reshared.

Earning social media credibility is all about maintaining your dignity.

If you need to maintain an incredible social media profile with a fair number of followers and likes for your posts then surely you would not do the following.

  1. Do not tell people what to share: It’s imperative to say that you really do not have to tell people on the internet what they really need to share and what not. Internet and content on the social media are free for all and you are not really paying for what people post, share or like so do not feel entitled to tell him or her what to share. The Internet doesn’t revolve around you.
  2. Do not buy followers, Likes and +1’s: The last thing I would do or even suggest is to buy followers and likes for your social media profiles. Stay as sincere as possible when it comes to the audience following and try to have as many organic likes rather than paying for it. Of course, people think that a large number of followers and likes is a social proof of credibility and goodness but buying them is definitely cheating.
  3. Do not ask people to reshare your posts: Please refrain from asking people to follow you. If the content of your post is interesting and good they will be followed naturally and then be reshared.
  4. Do not ask people to follow you: As said earlier if you want more followers then you need to earn them and the only way to do it is with quality posts. Earning social media credibility is all about maintaining your dignity.  Do not hunt for followers and also don’t give the impression that you are desperate for followers by sharing good stuff in large quantities.
  5. Do not post only promotional stuff: Agreed that social media is a great tool to promote your products, services and or websites. That’s the core reason why we put in so much of efforts. But that doesn’t mean that you use social media just to promote your stuff. It’s more of getting social and interacting with people rather than a means of pushing only your product and content to the consumers.
  6. Do not ask people why they unfollowed you: You don’t have to bother much when you see people unfollowing you. Do not panic by seeing it and asking them why they unfollowed you.
  7. Do not announce any of your unfollows: In this big vast world of social media, no one cares if you stopped following a person or a profile. So do not go on board and announce your unfollowing.
  8. Do not be a self-proclaimed Guru or Experts: If you are a guru or an expert the world will know it by your performances and deliverance. Do not be a self-proclaimed guru over the internet.
  9. Do not swear in your posts: If you feel that swearing on social media platforms is a sign of being open, sincere, authentic and natural then it’s a big ‘NO’. Avoid it.
  10. Do not fall prey to an agency: You hire an agency who is willing to spare a group of their human resources to built your brand on social media. But if the agency takes a good number of days time to figure out your company brand ethos and then compose a tweet then I should suggest not to go that way.
  11. Do not delegate your social media to an intern: If you find an employee or a fresher who seems to be well-versed in using Facebook and other social media platforms don’t completely fall for it. Your intern first needs to understand the company and the brand well and be able to develop a strategy for the company when it comes to implementing a social media schedule. Evaluate the strategy and then assign him the job.